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Jason Echo

Featured in issue #24


Born in Harlem raised between Brooklyn NY & Allentown PA.

As a child, Echo was influenced by hip hop, R&B, POP,

LATIN and more! Weather it was dancing to MJ, or rapping &

singing every lyric on the radio, JE has always been about


By the time he reached 12 he realized he could sing & found

himself addicted to his new ability. Through out his teen

years, JE grew as an Artist & developed a love for Song-

writing. Even gained some opportunities that allowed him to

travel and perform in different parts of the world at a very

young age. By 17, Jayson's mind was opened to so much,

he began molding his style & sound around any genre that

came his way...

just like most artist, Echo reached a struggling point. All the

traveling & opportunities came to an end. JE was back in BK,

back to square one. Things only got HARDER!! The only

thing he had left was access to a studio his friends owned,

but even that came to end...These so called 'friends" banned

him from the studio with no reason and left him with nothing!!

MEMOS (the upcoming mixtape) was born, and overtime the

ideas, melodies, and songs kept pilling up. Jayson later got

his own equipment & started putting MEMOS together. From

voice MEMOS to songs. from recording him self, to the

vision... Echo is now here to share his ideas.... ready to

share his MEMOS!!!

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