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The 1st annual Bike Show at the Venue Night club presented by Blood Line was a Hit

May 11th, 2019 we kicked off the 1st annual Bike Show at the Venue. According to the Weather Channel the day prior, it was said to be 100% chance of rain. Los, who was the head promoter of the event and spoke person for Blood Line Riders assured the team the weather will clear up in time for the bike show. It was shaky, but we followed Los’ lead and just as he stated the weather cleared up right on time for the Bike Show to start.


In attendance was our inhouse radio D.J. King D, Daze, Rock, a few models, our in-house photographer Phew, and even Daze’s pops Shannon came down from New York to enjoy the festivities. The event was hosted by Yung Joc, Lil scrappy from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta plus Greg Street and Bubby Love of V-103. The event featured 100’s of customized bikes and lots of women. The event started off a little slow due to the weather scare but gradually picked up once the sun showed who was superior. Fun in the sun in the presence some of the most exotic bikes Atlanta’s ever seen. Vendors showcased their products while some provided food and other entertainment to keep viewers and bystanders’ eyes balls occupied.  Venue is known for its beautiful woman on staff, and some of the woman took the time to step outside to serve the guest Hookah. The event got better and better as the day went on. Keep on reading and I’ll show you what I mean.

As I said, the night got better and better the later it got. The alcohol started to kick in and more bikes began to pull up. Even though it was a bike show you would think it was a concert from all the celebrities that pulled up along with the latest music being played by the DJ duo. It was a great night over all. Just to think if we had listened to the weather channel none of this would have taken place. At the end of the event Yung Joc presented awards with some cash the best bikes based on categories while telling a few jokes here and there giving the crowd a reason to wait on his every word till the next bike is presented. I’ll let the rest of the photos tell you the rest of the story. One thing I’ll say is damn, Los put on one hell of a show. Can’t wait to the next one. Peace.

Nipsey Hussle memorial service slated for Thursday at Staples Center, according to report

LOS ANGELES (FOX 5 DC) - A memorial service for slain rapper Nipsey Hussle will be held this week at the Staples Center, according to reports.

According to TMZ, the service will take place Thursday morning, and tickets for the event will be sold through a website. 

The 33-year-old rapper was shot dead last Sunday outside of his clothing retail store Marathon Clothing Company in Crenshaw.

His death sent shockwaves throughout the hip hop community.

Hussle was born and raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The father of two opened the shop back in 2017.

The rapper broke on to the U.S. Billboard's Hot 100 when he was featured on fellow rapper YG's 2012 hit "Snitches Ain't" with Tyga and Snoop Dogg. Nipsey Hussle's debut studio album Victory Lap was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2019. Cardi B ended up winning the Grammy Award for her album Invasion of Privacy.

The man suspected of shooting him, Eric Holder, was arrested Tuesday and pleaded not guilty on Thursday.Holder has been charged with murder and two attempted murder charges over the Sunday's attack on Hussle and two other men 


SXSW 2017 Recap w/ Jenna Herche

As I sit in Charlotte for a layover, I have had more and more time to think about why I love travelling so much. In the last year, I have tackled Austin, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Austin again this weekend. I attended SXSW for the second consecutive year, and plan on making the annual trip to SXSW going forward.

My reasons are simple. The minute you land in a new city with a Yankee fitted on, you are embraced immediately; I do not care where you go. The people want to know all about you, they love our style and our accent apparently; who knew? SXSW was no different than last year in this respect. In a radius of roughly six blocks, the streets were lined with live entertainment and revelers of all sorts, each with a game plan in mind. Flyers, CD’s and other promotional goodies are swapped, ideas are discussed and connections are made.

My game plan this year, was to formally promote, a virtual marketplace for minority and black owned businesses to progress and prosper; a site co-founded with Mr. Nice Tie, aka Petty Post. The site boasts talent of all sorts on a national and international level and is set up demographically. It is complimentary for up and coming businesses and talent and funded by sponsors. I dusted Texas with about two-thousand flyers; the concept was received well. Petty Post and I look forward to working with new talent and moguls in the making; their stories will be told on and we encourage you to check it out.

Another reason I love to travel, is the insight it offers you on your peers in the game. Who takes themselves seriously and who is just talking. This is important to me as it allows me to dismiss people before I invest too much time, energy, effort and money into situations that will ultimately go nowhere. It exposes one’s level of awareness on expanding brands and the value of promotion and marketing on a grander scale. I hate to admit it, but I find New York flooded with talent in an already saturated market; it makes it complicated to stick out. Conversely, out-of-towners are all dying to come to New York with the hopes of making it big. In my opinion, this is why “The New Yorker” is such a coveted visitor in other states. We offer invaluable insight as to what to expect and not expect from New York and the politics that come with the territory.

New York was well represented. Some notables from this weekend were Math of the Vandal Hour, featured on DTF Radio Saturday nights at 11pm. He had a staffed table at Peckerhead’s, complete with step and repeat, cameras and marketing goods. He was in prime position to capture key footage of TI’s performance. Jack Thriller, a SXSW staple, held his annual showcase; the house was packed. What I enjoy most about Jack’s showcases is the variety of talent; demographically and creatively speaking. He is able to attract this caliber of talent because of his fan base; an investment worth every penny for the right artist.

Torae and K.Fhox have been everywhere lately, so I wasn’t surprised to run into Torae personally; I didn’t catch up with K.Fhox but her marketing was all over the place. Choppa Zoe, of Money & Violence, was there promoting his music; his street team was in full effect. D-Teck of Konvict Music and Success of Atlantic Records were there to judge the Coast 2 Coast Showcases back to back on Friday and Saturday night; there was a great turn out of talent there as well.

I ran into Kwan Lee of Kwan Lee TV; it has been a minute since our last encounter and I can see why. He literally had his hands full; one with a camera, the other with business cards. I follow his social media and see him working on quite a bit; consistently. I highly recommend him for your photography and videography needs. He takes himself and the people he works with very seriously; it is clear in his work ethic. In his company, we ran into Cortez, another New York native on a mission.

Yannie, a personal favorite of mine for some time now, was in the mix like no other. She is an absolute powerhouse. I first met her through my work with Money & Violence; she is their publicist and a woman who wears many hats. Yannie is always surrounded by talent who are invested in their careers. This weekend she was with Phresher Dygz, a break-out artist from New York I’m also partial to. He tore the stage down with his hit “Wait A Minute”. I would be remiss if I did not mention Malcom X. He is also an artist, but filled the roll of hype-man in such a way, Spliff Star and Flavor Flav would tip their hats to.

Chase Baker, D. Chamberz, Bad Girl Cris, the Popular Stranger, Berri Life and Twan Da Dude were also in Austin, however, I did not cover their shows personally. I am privileged to live locally to these artists and am well aware of what they have to offer. What I really went to SXSW for was to scout talent from out of town; I had my pick of genre and venues to say the least. The first act I caught, The Wistful Larks, was a Rock’N Roll Group from Chicago. I had just landed and had to hit up a familiar spot, The Nook, for my first Blue Moon; they were mid performance and their energy kept me in the building. SXSW was one leg of their tour on the West Coast; I look forward to more from them in the future.

I happen to love John Legend’s “All of Me”, so when Paul and Julian were doing their rendition of it on the street, I just had to stop. This is part of the beauty of SXSW, literally every corner has its own vibe, complete with its own audience. You never know who you will encounter or impress, so everyone is on their A game. Press and media are key in this industry. I bumper into longtime acquaintance Gray Rizzy, of Shade 45 and Sirius XM, on Sixth; he was a panelist this year. Essince and Brooks, contributors for Hip Hip Weekly, were there to push their newest medium, Royal Heir Magazine. While there promoting, I made it a point to pick up every CD, flyer and business card I could find. I am currently listening to new music from across the United States; reviews will follow on an independent level.

If you are an upcoming artist, looking to break out, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Planning and preparation, as with life, are key here. You should have your hotel booked by the end of the summer and your airfare handled by December 2017 for the best prices and hotel locations. The badges are expensive. I had one last year and opted to go without it this year; in my opinion I saved about $700.00. The key things to bring are business cards, the goods you are marketing, a street team and an amazing attitude. With that said, I look forward to seeing you next year.

Michael Keith (of the R&B Group 112) MK12 E Cigar Launch

Thursday, March 10, 2016, Michael Keith ( one part of the R&B Group 112) launched his new MK12 E Cigar at the ILounge in Southeast, Atlanta Georgia. 

Guests in attendance included the group members of 112, R&B singer Donnell Jones, Music Artist Tyra B, Boss Chix Atlanta, The Celebrity Grill Boss, STFU Comedy show, Actress Patrice Fisher, Celebrity Manager to 112, Bobby Valentino, and J. Holiday,  Ms. Melinda Santiago, and more!.

 Along with the introduction of the MK12 E Cigar, Michael Keith was filming for an upcoming reality show, so be on the lookout for that! Although I didn't get a chance to try the cigar I liked the smooth smell, and relaxed design of it. It was cute enough for a woman and cool enough for a man. To purchase the MK12 E Cigar visit

Celebrity Blogger, Chrisy Chris, #TheCurvyButterfli

LHHATL Pretty Panty Party/Filming

Friday, March 24, 2016, at The Haven Event Venue, in midtown Atlanta,  LHHATL Star Stevie J and new business partner Ms. Jackson @officialmjceo held their collaboration party for their fashionable period panties, also known as Pretty Panty. The Pretty Panty is a DISPOSABLE fashionable panty that has a pad sewn in it for THAT time of the month. The box that I received was leopard print and a size XL, so I'm guessing they come in different sizes. However, the size XL was too small for me ( I stretched them out to see) and is the biggest size they make right now. Therefore, I will be wearing my own pretty panties during my menses. Sucks for me!

Hosted by the lovely Pre Madonna of the Waist Gang Society, guests in attendance were cast mates Jessica Dimes ( another Memphis Tn native), Rasheedah and Kirk Frost; a few new and upcoming LHHATL cast members. 

I happened to be seated near reality star, Shay Johnson, Lord Daze, the owner of Scrilla Guerillaz magazine, and Great Nation Entertainment. Let's just say I laughed all night long

As far as the filming part, I can't really say much about that, you'll just have to watch the show.

The Pretty Panty undergarment can be purchased in select Walmart stores. But if you're a meaty woman such as myself, don't even worry about it, they don't have sizes to fit us yet! You'll just have to keep using the standard pads and tampons! 


Celebrity Blogger, Chrisy Chris, #TheCurvyButterfli

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