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Tune in to Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Live w/ actor Jermel Howrd

He's been on filming projects like Power, Luke Cage, Orange the new Black, Tupac's All Eyez On Me and lots more, Jermel Howard is a passionate major network Actor. He started in the heart of Long Island New York, where there wasn't much opportunity in the community. He then ventured out in pursuit of mastering his craft. In his search, he found that all he truly needed was "Focus on his dream" and the will to keep pushing forward (even if times seem bad), in preparation for opportunity. Learning this sharpened his mind, and skill set. His guest-star/co-star appearances has been on award winning Television shows and films. He loves playing Vampires, Werewolves, Marvel fighters or "character roles", as he calls them. He's worked alongside top A List Actors/Actresses making him a well seasoned actor. He has the ambition, studious quality to learn more, and the humbleness that every set he has been on loves about him. He's been on several radio shows throughout the states and Internet shows giving back to the communities by offering insight he's learned. With the things he needs to do for his family on his mind he approaches this industry with a since of hunger, and focus, and passion which gives him an edge.

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