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Jason Echo

Featured in issue #24


Born in Harlem raised between Brooklyn NY & Allentown PA.

As a child, Echo was influenced by hip hop, R&B, POP,

LATIN and more! Weather it was dancing to MJ, or rapping &

singing every lyric on the radio, JE has always been about


By the time he reached 12 he realized he could sing & found

himself addicted to his new ability. Through out his teen

years, JE grew as an Artist & developed a love for Song-

writing. Even gained some opportunities that allowed him to

travel and perform in different parts of the world at a very

young age. By 17, Jayson's mind was opened to so much,

he began molding his style & sound around any genre that

came his way...

just like most artist, Echo reached a struggling point. All the

traveling & opportunities came to an end. JE was back in BK,

back to square one. Things only got HARDER!! The only

thing he had left was access to a studio his friends owned,

but even that came to end...These so called 'friends" banned

him from the studio with no reason and left him with nothing!!

MEMOS (the upcoming mixtape) was born, and overtime the

ideas, melodies, and songs kept pilling up. Jayson later got

his own equipment & started putting MEMOS together. From

voice MEMOS to songs. from recording him self, to the

vision... Echo is now here to share his ideas.... ready to

share his MEMOS!!!

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MONROE has continued in the pursuit of his goals of making his mark in the music and entertainment industry as a whole as he is currently dominating the airwaves with the release of his hit single titled “Wish I Never Fell In Love.” The song has already started to garner favorable reviews from local media, consequently setting the tone for several follow-up songs from the talented R and B artist.

The music world has undoubtedly evolved over the years with different stakeholders contributing to the development of the industry. Pop songs have become increasingly popular in recent years, giving birth to the emergence of several talented acts in the industry. While the development of the music industry is an amazing feat that is worth celebrating, many of the artists and other such institutions have not particularly made the kind of delivery desired by fans and listeners. This is so as many of such artists seem to have deviated from the true essence of making music – passing thought-provoking messages in a subtle, entertaining way. This is where MONROE is looking to make a huge difference, a claim that has been substantiated with his hit single.

Signed on to Seven Tyme Entertainment, the POP and R&B artist aims to be a major stakeholder in the world of entertainment by not only making good songs and having multi platinum records but is also looking to make the screenplays by the team at Seven Tyme Entertainment into movies.

The self-thought musician and music maker has always been a lover of good music and always nursed the dream of building a career in film making. He eventually decided to focus on music and started off recording demos and performing at local nightclubs in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. His major breakthrough came after the release of “Wish I Never Fell In Love,” a love song that has created a buzz in Atlanta Ga, Maryland and Virginia.


“Wish I Never Fell In Love” is centered around love, talking about falling in love with someone, putting everything into the relationship with the other party eventually breaking the relationship and making the other feel like they meant nothing. The song basically expresses the regret of a person after having his or her heart smashed by the other.

MONROE has been fortunate to open for some of the biggest names in R&B and Hip Hop, including Trey Songs, Jagged Edge, R Kelly, Brownstone, Silk, Mac10, Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, David Banner and Kurtis Blow and more. His perseverance and hard work in addition to his skills have stood the aspiring musician out from others in the industry.

More information about MONROE and his songs can be found on SoundCloud. MONROE is also available on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.

Media Contact
Company Name: Seven Tyme Entertainment
Contact Person: MONROE
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 703-969-8472
Country: United States

Frankie Smallz



Described as the green haired beast, Frankie Smallz has continued in the pursuit of his goal of making good music and treating his fans to the real essence of music. The talented independent hip hop artist is set to drop another amazing single titled “One of a Kind,” which comes as a follow up to his new song, “Make A Wish” that has already captured the hearts of lovers of music across the globe.

The music world has evolved over the years as musicians, producers, and other such creative minds and stakeholders in the industry have continued to contribute their quota to the development of the industry and the making of amazing songs. Unfortunately, while the different stakeholders in the industry have done a lot to development the world of music, music lovers have not particularly gotten the best possible as many of the songs made seem to have deviated from the true essence of music – passing thought-provoking messages that anyone can relate with. This is where Frankie Smallz has been able to make a huge difference in a relatively short while, which has been reiterated with his singles.

“Make A Wish” is a song that really showed the world the stuff the versatile hip hop artist is made of, exploring obtaining the realization of hopes and dreams while learning to deal with the trappings of success. Otherwise known as Joshua Varner, Frankie Smallz made a promise to his deceased grandmother to put his name in stone and he seems to be doing well towards achieving the goal as his blazing hot single “Make A Wish” debuted on the top 150 Hip-hop and R&B charts, thanks to the support from Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine.

He has continued to stay true to his promise to his grandmother, building a concrete foundation by destroying the dead weight that has been on his road to success while giving us a hell of a performance along the way.

His follow up single titled “One of A Kind” is set to be released in the coming weeks and as expected, the song will be a hit that will show the versatility and creativity of the rapper that is looking to write his name among the greats in the music industry.

More information about Frankie Smallz can be found on Instagram and YouTube.


About Frankie Smallz

Frankie Smallz is an independent hip hop artist that hails from Moody, Alabama by way of Louisiana. Otherwise known as Joshua Varner, Frankie Smallz is gradually carving a niche for himself in the music industry with his creativity and unique delivery standing him out from others in the entertainment industry.

Media Contact
Company Name: Smallz Muzik Group
Contact Person: Frankie Smallz
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (205) 447-9237
Country: United States

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